About Us

The McAllen Independent School District is committed to the professional development of all educational stakeholders (i.e., administrators, principals, teachers, support staff and wage and hour employees) for the purpose of improving student achievement through a collaborative district-wide effort.  Professional development in McAllen ISD focuses on adult learning that results in student learning and gains in student achievement.  The mission of professional development is to inspire, empower, and develop all professionals to impact teaching and learning.  Professional development is results-driven, standards-based, and job-embedded.  Results-driven means that, during planning, implementation and evaluation of professional development, we ask:

  • What do students need to know and be able to do?
  • What do educators need to know and be abe to do to ensure student success.
  • What professional development will ensure educators acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for implementation?
  • How will we know the impact on student learning?