Educational Programs

Offering Excellence at Every Level

We offer choice: professional licenses, certifications, and Associate’s Degrees alongside high school degrees, Academies in Medical Science, Computer Science, and Engineering, and the full experience of a comprehensive high school with our International Baccalaureate Programme provides students with a highly rigorous curriculum set to global standards. Booklet here & Spanish here.

College-Level Instruction

Our comprehensive high schools offer students Advanced Placement college-level instruction in our high school classrooms, a concurrent enrollment program with students attending a local university or college, and a dual enrollment program with students acquiring credit at both levels (high school and university) simultaneously. They offer the full experience of a comprehensive high school with the arts, athleticism, and other extracurricular offerings that enrich a student’s life, while at the same time providing the rich, full-rounded skill sets that universities seek.

Through a special agreement with a local institution of higher learning, our students may also enroll in one of a multitude of specialized academies where students can earn specific Associates Degrees even before they finish high school!

    • DEMSA – Dual Enrollment Medical Science Academy

    • DEEA – Dual Enrollment Engineering Academy

    • DECSA – Dual Enrollment Computer Science Academy

Achieve Early College High School is the only ECHS in the region that is based at a college campus. Students can earn a professional Associate’s Degree before they graduate high school! Our programs also offer three-year plans for early graduates.

Our Career Technical Education Program offers professional licensures and certifications in several different disciplines.

Along with this comes a wealth of enrichment offerings, like a widely acclaimed fine arts program, a highly touted athletics program, and student organizations to accommodate every child’s interest and well-being.


In 2011-12, McAllen ISD unveiled its TLC3 framework. Called Transforming Learning in the Classroom, Campus and Community, this bold plan will place an electronic learning device into the hands of every student. Many students are already using either the iPad or the iPod Touch as a daily learning tool, one that will ignite the natural curiosity in every child and help them forge a path of learning and discovery. This notion has not gone unnoticed. Mainstream media including The Associated Press, The San Antonio Express-News, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Parent & Child magazine, Texas Monthly magazine’s website, NBC Latino network and National Public Radio affiliates have shed light on it. Education publications including Texas School Business, Education Week, Scholastic Administrator, The Journal and Texas Lone Star have devoted attention to this endeavor as well.  McAllen ISD will continue its rollout in the fall of 2012.

With renewed vigor on how the lessons are taught and how the data is analyzed through a highly respected INOVA Program–a business approach to the business of learning –the district can step it up even more. It’s data that teachers have taken to heart as they gain specialized insight into how they can challenge students at every level to gain more knowledge. It’s about adding value for every student with high expectations in the classroom.

McAllen ISD has a rich heritage and a legacy of high standards, offering excellence at every level.

Instilling a love of learning in children is what we do best.

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