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Health & Physical Education

Health & Physical Education

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The McAllen ISD Health and Physical Education department is a vital component of the Instructional Services (IS) Department. The Health and Physical Education department provides direction and leadership to both the health and physical education programs. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) classifies health and physical education in the enrichment curriculum. TEA stipulates that all Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in the enrichment curriculum must be taught. Health and physical education are separate curriculum units with different goals, philosophies, and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Our Philosophy

It is critical for all MISD students to be fully developed not only mentally but physically, emotionally and socially. Instruction in health and physical education provides an excellent avenue to help all students to graduate with a sound mind and a sound body.

Health and physical education teachers are doing their part to combat childhood obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. All stakeholders such as teachers, nurses, counselors, parental involvement specialist, parents and the community must also do their part. Our philosophy is to produce young adults with healthy habits (sound nutritional practices and a passion to exercise for a lifetime) so they can grow up to be healthy, productive adults.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Health and Physical Education Department is to lead in the coordination, improvement, implementation and evaluation of an effective (PK-12) health/physical education program; to promote a positive working relationship, among and between staff and the schools, by establishing a climate conducive to open communication and productive work. With a highly trained professional staff, our goal is to impart an enriched health and physical education experience for all MISD students.



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