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Strategic Plan

McAllen Independent School District Strategic Plan

Through focus group sessions, surveys, Town Hall meetings, and a series of full-day workshop meetings, students, parents, and other members of our community joined teachers and other employees in identifying our call to action, establishing our mission, identifying goals, and beginning the process of pinpointing key actions. Together, we outlined where we are today, while also ensuring the gears are perpetually in motion as we move forward—forever working to refine and redirect our aim.

Strategy One


goal1We will effectively and continuously communicate and market the district’s mission, strengths, successes and diverse opportunities for every learner.

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Strategy Two

Attract/Retain High Quality Staff

goal2-2We will attract, recruit, develop, and retain high quality staff.

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Strategy Three

Engaging Learning Environments

We will foster secure, supportive, rigorous, and engaging learning environments.

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Strategy Four

Rigorous Worldclass Standards

We will utilize national and global standards to customize learning for every learner.

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Strategy Five


We will develop and strengthen bonds with the business, education, and civic community to provide engaging learning opportunities.

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 Strategy Six

Future-Ready Students

goal6We will foster principled students who learn, adapt, and innovate in response to their ever-changing environment.

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Strategy Seven

Financial Priorities

We will conduct a budget development, budget implementation, and budget monitoring process that reflects sound business and fiscal practices, while supporting district goals.

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