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Strategy 1: Branding

Strategy 1: Branding

We will effectively and continuously communicate and market the district’s mission, strengths, successes and diverse opportunities for every learner.


1.1 Create a marketing and branding program that incorporates a variety of communication.
1.2 Create a feedback mechanism that monitors and directs our targeted marketing and branding communication efforts.

YEAR 1 – Selected Specific Results

While all the specific results listed under each goal are important, the strategic design team selected the following specific results to be accomplished in year one.

1.1 Create a captivating marketing campaign.

strat1-resultsAction Steps:

  1. Create district marketing team with representation from departments, campuses and parents.
  2. Promote academic and extracurricular student, staff and program successes by utilizing a variety of methods, including the website.
  3. Use geo-fencing at public events to provide targeted messaging through social media at specific physical sites.
  4. Develop a unified message based on the strategic plan and data obtained from the community to captivate the families who have withdrawn from the district.
  5. Develop partnership with local day care and Head Start programs.
  6. Establish community center environment in our schools and maximize the facilities for community with a written policy in place.

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