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Strategy 4: Rigorous Worldclass Standards

Strategy 4: Rigorous/Worldclass Standards Customized for Every Learner

We will utilize national and global standards to customize learning for every learner.

4.1 Identify, align to, and apply national and international academic standards to develop an enriched curriculum for student growth and success.

4.2 Individualize learning through a diverse and rigorous curriculum to challenge and motivate every learner.

Uniquely advanced frameworks for student learning

McAllen ISD operates under two unique and individualized advanced academic learning frameworks that drive student growth—STEA+M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts plus Emotional Intelligence, and Mathematics) and International Baccalaureate. All schools in Texas deliver the state curriculum—the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), but our schools reach far past that because our district mindset is to go beyond the standard. We were compelled to offer two unique and individualized advanced academic learning frameworks that continually drive student growth.

STEA+M: This framework is rich in depth, complexity and rigor, while also building a student’s emotional intelligence. Teachers tie their lessons to creativity, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, with a strong emphasis on technology. The STEA+M Framework is in place at Bonham, Castañeda, Escandon, Fields, Garza, Gonzalez, Hendricks, Houston, Jackson, McAuliffe, Milam, Navarro, Rayburn, Sanchez, Seguin, Thigpen-Zavala, and Wilson Elementary Schools, Brown, Cathey, Fossum, Lincoln, Morris, and Travis Middle Schools, along with McAllen High School, Memorial High School, Rowe High School, Options at Lamar Academy, Achieve Early College High School and the Instruction and Guidance Center.

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE: IB is a globally recognized, rigorous curriculum. It aims to educate all students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in an ever-changing global society through a comprehensive, academically rigorous program of studies that utilizes technology and community resources. Alvarez, Perez, and Roosevelt Elementary Schools are part of the Primary Years Program, De Leon Middle School is part of the Middle Years Program, and IB at Lamar Academy houses a Middle Years Program along with the Diploma Programme.


Year 1 – Selected Specific Results

While all the specific results listed under each goal are important, the strategic design team selected the following specific results to be accomplished in year one.

4.1 Identify, align and apply national and international academic standards to develop an enriched curriculum for student growth and success.

strat4-resultsAction Steps:

  1. Form a diversified committee inclusive of stakeholders to research, identify and define national and international standards in all curriculum areas.
  2. The diversified committee of stakeholders researches existing systems and programs that implement a globally focused and interdisciplinary curriculum and makes recommendations.
  3. Expand teacher development to align and bridge internationally-recognized assessments and curriculum standards (ACT, PSAT, SAT, AP, IB, professional licenses and certifications, etc.) to the curriculum.
  4. Integrate current local and global issues into the school curriculum throughout all grade levels (such as global media, political discussion, etc.).
  5. Research the effects of utilizing Pre-AP/GT instruction strategies for all students.
  6. Develop an Alumni and Parent of Alumni Feedback program; track alumni career and college readiness success rates.
  7. Enhance the opportunities for all student to participate in challenging curriculum and course offerings.
  8. Research different block schedules for implementation.
  9. Develop minimum standards to increase Family Engagement through the creation of interactive activities that produce meaningful open communication lines between teachers, students, and parent/guardians.
  10. Analyze and recommend changes to district website.



International Baccalaureate


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