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Strategy 7: Financial Priorities

Strategy 7: Financial Priorities

We will conduct a budget development, budget implementation, and budget monitoring process that reflects sound business and fiscal practices, while supporting district goals.

7.1 Prepare budget plan aligned with financial priorities and provides for a competitive, market-based compensation plan, adequate per pupil spending and contingency planning.
7.2 Provide financial transparency and meaningful monitoring while demonstrating that budget is in line with established priorities.
7.3 Maintain financial stability in the District to achieve the most effective and efficient use of taxpayer dollars, while maintaining excellent academic, and extracurricular programs along with technology and facility improvements.


With almost 24,000 students attending 33 campuses, our combined school community collects countless success stories. We aim to articulate our story in a way that is inspiring and engaging. In the process, we will reveal how we operate and how we are transforming learning for students as we work to ensure they continue to excel in our global economy.


Our district is not about programs and initiatives. We’re about people and giving them a voice to share their ideas and their perspectives, setting our students free to learn.Dr. Gonzalez, Superintendent



We value the work that we have achieved together and we are determined to take our district to the next level. The power of McAllen ISD lies in its people and this extends to all stakeholders in our community. We humbly thank you for being part of this process.

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