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We have long produced a high caliber student, champions in academics, the arts, and athleticism. We are home to scholars recognized at regional, state, and national levels, an astronaut, federal judges, business leaders, actors, novelists, and so many more.

Student-centered, inquiry-based learning is about helping our students, as Stanford University puts it, “achieve balance between depth of knowledge acquired through specialization and breadth of knowledge gained through exploration.”

Fulfilling our promise is about unleashing our youth’s ingrained penchant for curiosity and discovery…intrinsic learning guided by an advanced, rigorous academic standard under the tutelage of a highly skilled teacher fortified with cutting-edge resources. Our students thrive while being both challenged and nurtured.

McAllen ISD is academic excellence.

About Our Students

  • MISD students captured an astounding 67 AP Scholar titles in 2012.
  • IB Programme success rate among highest in globe.
  • Championship level athletics.
  • All-State performers in Fine Arts.

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*Source: Stanford University, 2012 

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