McAllen ISD STRIDES kickoff set for Sept. 24

The McAllen ISD STRIDES Program is a new special education initiative for students who are 18-22 years old.  It began this fall serving more than 45 students and stands for Supported Transition and Road to Independence: Development and Employment for Students.

The STRIDES program will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, September 24. The program is based at Achieve Early College High School at Lincoln (1601 N. 27th St.).

STRIDES students receive guidance and instruction toward independent living, can earn a professional certification and take courses that provide them with knowledge and skills for general employment. This includes:

  • Employability skills that are foundational and necessary for obtaining, keeping, and succeeding in a job.
  • Fundamentals of social skills, teamwork, dependability, organization, and work ethic, as well as awareness of personal appearance and grooming.
  • Students participate in on-the-job training with various community businesses who are in partnership with McAllen ISD to provide valuable employment experiences and skills. 

Thanks to a building outfitted as the “STRIDES Cottage,” students learn the basics of home living. The Cottage is equipped with a classroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a living area so students learn about basic meal preparation, nutrition cleaning house and personal grooming.

 The students can also earn a professional certification in the following:

  • Floral Design
  • Photography
  • Cake Decorating

The McAllen ISD STRIDES program is conducted in partnership with South Texas College and Texas Workforce Solutions. The Special Education Program’s Director is Ms. Maribelle Elizondo. To learn more, call 956-632-3285.