McAllen ISD to participate in ITT Challenge

McAllen ISD has earned local, state and national recognition for its proactive wellness initiatives that positively impact our students, staff and community. 

Now, the annual It’s Time Texas Community Challenge is almost here.

Last year, in the school district “Mid-size” category, McAllen ISD finished second in the state. The goal is to finish in first place this year.

The registration phase is already underway and will end on January 5. The district goal is for all employees to register by Friday, November 15. Each employee who registers by then will earn up to 950 points for the McAllen ISD team.

The actual ITT Community Challenge will be from January 6 to March 1. During the eight-week challenge, District employees can earn wellness points daily. Parents can also sign up and earn points for the school district and their school of choice.

There are many easy ways to earn points. After January 6, an easy 1,000 points can be obtained immediately by signing/uploading a pledge (500 points) and watching the Living Healthier Video tutorial (500 points). Each day, points can be earned through fitness tracker (50 points), healthy selfies (50 points), water consumption (50 points), etc.

Participants can register at Those who participated last year can just go to

It is important that participants include both “McAllen ISD” and their campus in their profile so that credit for points will go to both categories.