McHi Mariachi Oro earns Div. 1 Superior Rating at UIL

The six-time state champion McAllen High Mariachi Oro won the Division 1 Superior Rating trophy and earned Straight Ones from all judges at the 2020 State UIL Mariachi Contest February 22.  

Additionally, they also brought back “Outstanding Performer Medal Distinctions” for Jesús Villegas on Trumpet and Miguel Macías on Vocals. 

"This was definitely the toughest State UIL Contest to date and out of the 23 groups that competed in our session, only two schools earned the Superior Division 1 honors," Mariachi Oro Director Alex Trevino said. "In addition, out of the 84 schools that made it to State UIL across the two-day contest, only 12 schools earned that coveted Division 1 Superior Rating. This attests to the high level of musical excellence that UIL is holding our students to as well as to the high level of talent, hard work, and passion put in by our outstanding students. A huge congratulations to every single one of them on another phenomenal year of State UIL Mariachi Contest success." 

The McAllen High Mariachi Oro members are:

 León Hernández  

Angel Trujillo       

Roxeth González

Lucero Méndez    

Austin Rosález    

Viridiana Villela  

Ethan Martínez  

Mía Rodríguez      

Ashley Treviño     

Jude Ramírez

Natalie Carmona    

Jesús Villegas        

Miguel Macías       

Laert Musollari      

Andrew Salinas