McAllen ISD Recognizes National Dyslexia Month

October is National Dyslexia Month. Dyslexia affects an estimated 8.5 million school children and one in six Americans in some form, according to the Dyslexia Caucus.

A person suffering from dyslexia disorder experiences difficulty reading, writing, with letters, words, and numbers, as well as reversing letters and words.


Signs of Dyslexia are:
  • Delayed Speech
  • Late establishing a dominant hand
  • Trouble memorizing their address, phone number, or the alphabet.
  • Dysgraphia (inability to perform the act of writing)
  • Extreme difficulty learning cursive writing
  • Slow choppy inaccurate reading
  • Terrible with spelling
Just as pink is the color for breast cancer awareness, silver is the color for dyslexia awareness. If you have questions about dyslexia, contact your child's school or the office of the McAllen ISD Interdisciplinary Content Coordinator at 956-632-8787.