McAllen ISD sending 21 students to Games of America


McAllen ISD will have 21 students representing the state of Texas at the Games of America in Lynchburg, Virginia, in August for swimming.


They qualified by participating in the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) Games and winning gold, silver or bronze medals for swimming.


The other adults are Coach Christina Gutierrez she is a math teacher at Fossum and McHi swimming assistant coach.


The students include:

Karla Gamboa, Castaneda Elementary;  Alana Reed, Gonzalez Elementary; Sofia McNamara, Milam Elementary;  Rey Rodriguez, De Leon Middle School; Rayhan Rodriguez, De Leon; Jessamine Borrocio, De Leon; Alexandria Bzibziak, Morris Middle School; Carolyn Townsend, Morris; Julian McNamara, Morris; Caleb Valdivia, Morris; Isa Guerra, Morris; Devyn Gutierrez, Fossum Middle School; Ella Anaya, Fossum; Jedi Kennan, Fossum; Kaitlyn Bzibziak, James “Nikki” Rowe High School; Jennifer Wyna, Rowe High; Mia Salazar, Rowe High; Jose Cantu, Rowe High; Nicolas Acevedo, Rowe High; David Mondragon, Rowe High; Regina McNamara, McAllen High School; Katie Blackwell, McAllen High; and Nilton Dos Santos, McAllen High.


Their Team McAllen Head Coach is Mr. Abel Gutierrez.


Games of America website: