Gifted & Talented Elementary Screening & Nomination Instruments

Kingore Observation Inventory (KOI)
Teachers will observe students as they participate in class activity, learning experiences, within the four core academic areas (math, science, social studies and reading/language arts).  As students exhibit the gifted and talented advance learning characteristics the classroom teacher will make notations in a document to be tallied and submitted for screening purposes.
Planned Experiences
Planned experiences are sets of high-level, open-ended activities designed to illicit and diagnose gifted behavior.  This set of 4 activities is done by all grade level teachers with every student.  This is accomplished to provide equal opportunities for advanced behaviors to occur in the classroom.  Assessment data from classroom learning situations is scored by a committee of teachers, and ensures that all children, including those from diverse cultures and all economic situations have equitable opportunities to be recognized for their gifted potential. 
Collected Works
Collected Works are significant student products that exemplify gifted behaviors from the Kingore Observation Inventory and the Kingore C-Modes found in the planned experiences.  Ten to fifteen authentic works or products are collected by the classroom teacher and placed into a portfolio. All teachers are required to keep a collection of work in a portfolio for each student in their class.