Partners In Excellence - Physical Education (PIE-PE)

"I am excited to join the McAllen ISD Physical Education Teacher of the Month program.  I appreciate the positive experiences I learned when I attended my physical education classes.  I invite others to join the McAllen ISD Partners In Excellence-Physical Education initiative." 

                                                    -Gabby Guerra, State Farm Agent


"Being able to provide children with exciting ways to exercise is a rewarding opportunity to grow healthy future community leaders.  It’s not only a privilege but our responsibility as current decision makers to lead them down a healthy path. Texas A&M extends a friendly challenge to step up and support our future - adopt a school, plant some seeds, and watch the future grow!"                                                                                                                                               

                                        -Olga Gabriel, Texas A&M, Director - McAllen Campus

“Our motto at Derrick Kinney & Associates is ‘Serving our clients and Investing in our Community.'  The Partners in Excellence Program helps us make a big impact in the lives of so many students.”
                                                                -Derrick Kinney, Private Wealth Adviser
The first-year implementation of the McAllen ISD Partners In Excellence - Physical Education (PIE-PE) program has been a huge success in generating funds for our physical education programs.  We are very thankful to the following donors:  Ameriprise (Derrick Kinney); Rio Grande Regional Hospital & Children's Medical Center; Texas A&M - WOW Coalition; and, Watermill Express
In the PIE-PE program, donors adopt-a-school physical education program OR the McAllen ISD Physical Education department.  Funds donated to schools are matched by campus principals.  So far - we have generated a total of $23,924.00 in the PIE-PE program.  If anyone is interested in becoming a PIE-PE, please contact Health and PE Coordinator Mario Reyna via email at Mario.Reyna@mcallenisdnet or at 956-928-8939