Department Highlights - Physical Education Teachers of The Year

Our Physical Education Department has a long-history of Excellence in Teaching.  Below, you will find a list of physical education teachers that have been recognized as District and Campus Teachers of The Year:
McAllen ISD CAMPUS Teachers of The Year
2018-19  Veronica Berrones - De Leon Middle School
2018-19  Melissa Leal, Sanchez Elementary
2018-19  Mario Maya, Escandon Elementary
2016-17  Monica Villarreal, Brown Middle School
2015-16  Nikki Trevino, Alvarez Elementary
2015-16  Ester Pina, Jackson Elementary
2015-16  Michael Morales - McAuliffe Elementary
2015-16  Mike Morales - Rayburn Elementary
2015-16  Andrew Quintanilla - Lincoln Middle School
2012-13  Nick Aranda - Hendricks Elementary
2012-13  Nelly Ramirez - De Leon Middle School
2008-09  Jon Saldana - Gonzalez Elementary
2009-10  Eric Ruiz - McAuliffe Elementary
2004-05  Olympia Luna - Brown Middle School
2002-03  Sonia Benavides - Fields Elementary
2002-03  Arnold Garza - Seguin Elementary
2002-03  Andrew Quintanilla - Lincoln Middle School
1999-20  Yolanda Morales - Lincoln Middle School
1996-97  Cindy Gutierrez - Thigpen Elementary
1996-97  Mario Reyna - Zavala Elementary
NOTE:  Eugene De Sutter (Adaptive PE) 
McAllen ISD DISTRICT Teachers of The Year
1996-97  Mario Reyna - Zavala Elementary