Cooperative Agreements

 McAllen ISD has Interlocal Cooperative Agreements with these Co-Ops. Click on the Co-Op Icon to be routed to their contracts. Quotes must contain the following:

  • co-op name;
  • co-op pricing; and
  • co-op contract number













 Region One Purchasing Co-op




Choice Partners Logo


 Allied States Cooperative

Library Services & Media Cooperative 2020-008

Region one


Child Nutrition Program-South Texas Cooperative (CNP-STC)


Region one

Region One Local Assessment Fee for Special Services Projects and Workshops 


Region one

Region 14 ESC

National Cooperative Purchasing



Region 4

Region IV Education Center 2020-284

Region 20

Region 20 Special Education Supports Cooperative Interlocal Agreement (SpEd)



Bid Number Information for purchases through inter local noted above:

2020-002 –   Products and Services through the Texas Assoc. of School Board (TASB) Buyboard
2020-003 – Products and Services through the State of Texas Cooperative Purchasing Program (CO-OP) formerly TXMAS
2020-004 –   Products and Services through The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPS) and Reporting of Management Fees through Region VIII

2020-005 – Products and Services through Purchasing Association of Cooperative Entities (PACE)

2020-006 -  Products and Services Region One Child Nutrition Program South Texas Cooperative ( CNP-STC ) and Reporting of Management Fees

2020-007 – Products and Services through the Houston Galveston Area Council (HGAC) Cooperative and Reporting of Management Fees

2020-008 -  Products and Services Region One Library Services and Media Cooperative and Fees

2020-009 - Products and Services through Goodbuy Purchasing Cooperative (GPC) Region 2

2020-010 -  Technology Products and Services through the Department Information Resources (DIR)
2020-011 -  Products and Services through Region One Purchasing Co-Op and Reporting of Management Fees

2020-012 - Products and Services through North Texas Share (NTS)

2020-013 – Products and Services through the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE)

2020-014 - Products and Services through Texas Buy (TB)

2020-015 - Products and Services through 1Government Procurement Alliance ( 1GPA )

2020-021 Products and Services through Allied State Cooperative ESC 19

2020-022 - Products and Services through Region One Special Service Projects and Fees for Curriculum Department and Reporting of Management Fees


District may purchase the following goods/services throughout the year:

SERVICES: Ambulance, Architectural Services, Auctioneer, Bleachers Repair, Camera Surveillance Installation, Cellular Telephone, Commercial Appliance Repair, Computer Networking, Computer Repair, Construction, Consultant, Dietician Services, Dry and Cold Storage, Drug Testing, Electrical, Elevator Repair, Engineering Services, Fencing Installation, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm Inspections, Food Catering, Glazing Installation, Grant Writing, Grease Trap Cleaning, HVAC, Intercom Repair and Installation, Landscaping and Irrigation, Legal Services, Lockers Installation and Repair, Long Distance, Magazine Subscription, Mail Processing, Maintenance Equipment Repair, Monitoring, Mop Service Rental, Musical Instruments Repair, Office Machine/Copier Maintenance, Pager, Pest Control, Physicals, Plumbing, Printing, Relocation of Portable Building, Roll-Off Waste Container, Security, Sign Language Interpreter, Snacks and Beverage Vending, Sound Installation, Speech/Language Therapy, Telephone, Travel Agent, Two-Way Radio, Web Press  Printing, etc.

GENERAL AND INSTRUCTIONAL PARTS, SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT:  Art, Audio Visual, Band Instruments, Calculators, Cheerleading/Drill Team/Dance Team Uniforms and Supplies, Choral Wear, Communications/Teleconferencing Equipment, Computer Hardware/Software/ Supplies, Copy Machines, Electrical, Farm/Ranch, Graduation Supplies, Health Supplies, Industrial Technology, Ink Cartridges, Instructional and Office  Supplies, Equipment and Furniture, Instrumental/Choral Sheet Music, Library Books, School Library, School Furniture, Maps, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music/Fine Arts Supplies/Equipment/Uniforms, Nursing, Paper Products, Sewing Machines, Staff Uniforms, Student Folders, Toner, Trophies/Awards/Certificates, etc.

FOOD SERVICE:  Cafeteria Equipment, Cafeteria Furniture, Dairy and Ice Cream, Dried Food Products, General Food Supplies, i.e. Spices, Miscellaneous Commodities, Produce, Small Kitchen Wares, Soap Products, etc.

ATHLETIC PARTS, SUPPLIES, AND EQUIPMENT:  Aquatics, Award Jackets, Baseball, Basketball, Coaching, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Gymnasium, PE Supplies, Soccer, Softball, Sporting Goods, Swimming, Tennis, Track, Training Room, Volleyball, Weight Room, Wrestling, etc.

CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT:  Chemicals, Custodial/Janitorial, Floor Care, Paper Products, Product Dispensers, Vacuum Cleaners, etc.

MAINTENANCE PARTS, SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT: Bleachers, Building Materials, Carpentry, Chalkboards, Curtains, Electrical, Electronic, Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Floor Covering/Carpet Purchase/Installation, Glazing, Grounds, Hardware, HVAC, Intercom/Sound, Lawn Care, Lighting, Lockers, Locksmith, Lumber/Wood, Markerboards, Metal, Networking, New and Used Vehicles, Paint, Playground Equipment, Plumbing, Roofing, Soil Conditioner, Sprinkler/Irrigation, Surveillance Camera, TV Studio, Uniforms, Water Meters, Water Treatment Chemicals, Welding, Window Blinds, etc.

TRANSPORTATION:  Automotive/Farm/Lawn Equipment Parts and Supplies, Bus Parts, Fuel and Oil Products, Lubricants, Tires, Truck Parts, Buses, and Vehicles etc.

POLICE EQUIPMENT PARTS AND SUPPLIES:  Public Safety, Radios, Uniforms, Vehicle Accessories, Weapons, etc.