Awarded Vendors

Activity Fund Vendors

              RFP No. 2018-049 - Restaurant, Food, Fundraising, Rental, Catering, Field Trips,
              and Related Products & Services
              Awarded Vendors          Notice of Award        Board Agenda

Athletic/PE Supplies, Equipment, and Services

  • Bid No. 2018-061 Athletic Equipment, Supplies, Reconditioning Services and Related Products Catalog Bid
               Awarded Vendors     Tabulations     Notice of Award      Board Agenda
  • Bid No 2017-098 – Baseball Field Improvement And Sprinkle System
  •  Bid No 2017-117 –  Trophies T-shirts Awards and Incentives

              Awarded Vendors     Tabulation    Notice of Award     Board Agenda

Audio Visual Supplies and Equipment

            Awarded Vendors     Tabulation     Notice of Award     Board Agenda

Automotive Equipment & Gasoline

                  Bid No 2018-117 - Gasoline Products and Delivery Services

                 Awarded Vendors      Tabulation      Notice of Award      Board Agenda

  • Bid No 2017-072 – Automotive Repair Parts, Tires, and Related Services

Building Supplies and Materials

  • Bid No. 2017-153 - Lumber, Materials, Maintenance Equipment, Parts, Supplies and Services
           Awarded Vendors     Tabulation      Notice of Award    Board Agenda
Chalkboard Removal
          Bid No 2018-113 - District-Wide Chalkboard Removal wall Repair and Markerboard
          Installation Services
        Awarded Vendors     Tabulation     Notice of Award    Board Agenda


Career and Technology Materials, Supplies, Equipment

Computer Software, Supplies, and Equipment

             Bid No. 2018 - 123 Products and Services through 1 Government Procurement Alliance
              (1GPA )
             Notice of Award      Board Agenda

Copier Paper and Paper Products

  • Bid No 2018-090 – Custodial Supplies & Equipment Products

Electrical/Paint Supplies and Equipment

Employer Direct Clinical Services
            Bid No. 2018-013 - Employee Direct Clinical
             Awarded Vendors      Notice of Award    Board Agenda
            Bid No. 2018-064 - On-Call Engineering and Materials Testing
            Awarded Vendors     Notice of Award     Board Agenda
  • Bid No 2017-176 Fencing Project for Michael E Fossum Middle School
           Board Agenda  
          Bid No. 2018-119 - Fencing Materials, Installation, and Repair Services
           Awarded Vendors     Tabulation     Notice of Award     Board Agenda
Fine Arts 
          Bid No. 2018-094 Fine Arts Theater Equipment Improvements 
            Awarded Vendors    Tabulation      Board Agenda


  • Bid No 2017-052 – Glazing Supplies And Installation Services
           Awarded Vendors      Tabulation      Notice Of Award      Board Agenda

Groceries & Miscellaneous Products

               Bid NO. 2018-068 - Groceries, Food Items, Catering, and Miscellaneous Items

                Awarded Vendors      Notice of Award      Board Agenda

            Awarded Vendors     Tabulation     Notice Of Award     Board Agenda

HVAC Supplies & Equipment


  • Bid No 2017-019 – Imaging Services

Installation and Repair Services

Instructional Supplies and Materials

            Awarded Vendors      Tabulation      Notice of Award     Board Agenda

Instructional Supplies and Materials Vendor Websites (PunchOut Vendors)

Instructional Material and Training
           Bid No. 2018-076 - International Baccalaureate North America Fees, Materials and Training
            Awarded Vendors      Notice of Award      Board Agenda
           Bid  No. 2018-065 - Specific and Aggregate Medical and Pharmacy Claims
           Awarded Vendors     Notice of Award     Board Agenda   
           Bid No. 2018-012 - Voluntary/Supplement Insurance Products and Related Services
           Awarded Vendors     Notice of Award      Board Agenda 
           BID  No. 2018-121 - Insurance & Employee Benefits Consulting Services
            Notice of Award      Board Agenda
           Bid No. 2018-159 - E-Rate 2019 Interner Services
            Tabulations     Notice of Award     Board Agenda 

Library Books and Reading Materials

  • Bid No. 2017-086 Library Books.

Medical Supplies and Equipment


Music Supplies and Equipment

           Awarded Vendors      Tabulation      Notice of Award      Board Agenda
  • Bid No. 2018-150 - Musical Instrument Repair Services 
           Awarded Vendors     Tabulation      Notice of Award      Board Agenda
Office Supplies, Furniture Equipment
  • Bid No 2017-014 – Office Supplies and Equipment Catalog
  • Bid No 2018-020 - School and Office Furniture and Installation Services Catalog

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Professional Development Services

  • Bid No 2017-082 – Professional Development Services
            Bid No 2018-157 -  Professional Development, Site Licenses, Supplemental Material, & Other Related Products and Services         
              Awarded Vendors     Notice Of Award      Board Agenda


  • Bid No 2017-079 – Roofing Project for Reynaldo G Garza

Special Education Materials & Services

  • Bid No. 2018 - 023 - Sign Language Interpreter Services
            Awarded Vendors     Tabulation      Notice of Award     Board Agenda
  • Bid No. 2018-024 - Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services for Special Education
            Awarded Vendors      Tabulation      Notice of Award      Board Agenda
            Bid No. 2018 - 025 - Legal Services for Special Education
             Awarded Vendors    Notice of Award      Board Agenda
              Bid No. 2018-074 - Collection of Delinquent Taxes
               Awarded Vendors      Board Agenda

Travel Services

               Awarded Vendors      Tabulations      Notice of Award      Board Agenda
    Bid No. 2017-160 - Sale of Used Technology and Electronic Devices
           Awarded Vendors      Notice Of Awarded      Board Agenda

Website Hosting 

  • Bid No. 2017-083 – Website Hosting & Redesign Services
            Awarded Vendors      Notice Of Awarded      Board Agenda
Workforce Development
           Bid No. 2018-073 - Workforce Development Board Child Care Contribution
             Notice Of Award       Board Agenda