Awarded Vendors

Bid No. 2018-061 Athletic Equipment, Supplies, Reconditioning Services and Related Products Catalog Bid
 RFP No. 2020-044 - Branding Rights for McAllen ISD Game Day Athletic Uniforms
 Bid No. 2017-117 –  Trophies T-shirts Awards and Incentives
 RFQ No. 2021-078– Fresh Produce for Child Nutrition Program
RFQ No. 2020-056 – Fresh Produce for Child Nutrition Program
RFP NO. 2020-079 - Groceries, Food Items, Catering and Miscellaneous Items for Child Nutrition Program
Bid No. 2018-210 - Lumber, Materials, Maintenance Equipment, Parts, Supplies and Services
CSP NO. 2018-208 - Dr. Rodney D Cathey Middle School and Michael E Fossum Middle School New Surveillance Camera Systems
CSP No. 2017-134 –  McAllen High School Camera Upgrades
Chalkboard Removal
Bid No. 2018-113 - District-Wide Chalkboard Removal wall Repair and Markerboard Installation Services
CSP No. 2018-225 - Dorothea Brown Middle School Construction of New Track
CSP No. 2018-228 - McAllen ISD Staff Development Center Parking Lot Improvements
CSP No. 2018-229 - Achieve Early College Re-roof and HVAC Upgrades
IA No. 2020-075 - McAllen Memorial High School Cafeteria Renovations - Phase 1
IA No. 2020-110 - McAllen Memorial High School Cafeteria Renovations - Phase 2
CSP No. 2020-209 - Dorothea W. Brown Middle School HVAC Improvements
CSP No. 2020-210 - Central Utility Plant Upgrades at McAllen High School
RFCQ No. 2020-300- Science Lab Renovations for Achieve Early College, Memorial HS, Lamar Academy, Nikki Rowe HS & McAllen HS through Interlocal Cooperative Agreement No. 2020-300 Texas Association of School Board (TASB) BuyBoard
RFP  No. 2018-090 – Custodial Supplies & Equipment Products
RFQ  No. 2018 - 064 - On-Call Engineering and Materials Testing
Bid No. 2020-260- Purchase and Installation of Fence at Various Locations (Re-bid)  
CSP No 2017-176 Fencing Project for Michael E Fossum Middle School
Bid No. 2018-119 - Fencing Materials, Installation, and Repair Services  
Bid No 2020-258 -Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler and Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Equipment, Parts, Installation
and Repair Services
Bid No 2017-052 – Glazing Supplies And Installation Services
HVAC Supplies & Equipment
2020-254 – HVAC Parts and Equipment Catalog Bid  
CSP No. 2018-197 - Intercom Upgrade Project for Dr. Rodney D Cathey Middle School and Ben Milam Elementary
CSP No. 2018-198 - Intercom Upgrade Project for Sam Houston Elementary and Juan Seguin Elementary 
Pest Management
RFP No. 2020-131 - Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Pest Control Services
 Portable Building Relocation Services
Bid No 2020-225 – Portable Building Relocation Services
 Playground Equipment
CSP No. 2020-192 - Agreement with Park Place Recreation Designs, Inc. through Texas Association of School Board (TASB) Buyboard Cooperative for the Renovation/Replacement of Playground Equipment at Thigpen-Zavala ES, Woodrow Wilson ES, and Christa McAuliffe ES 
CSP No 2017-079 – Roofing Project for Reynaldo G Garza
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Theatre Improvements
CSP No. 2018-094 Fine Arts Theater Equipment Improvements 
Clinic Services
RFQ No. 2018 - 013 - Employee Direct Clinical Services 
Counseling Services
RFQ No. 2018-215 - Family Treatment Counseling Program Re-Bid
RFP No. 2018-012 - Voluntary/Supplement Insurance Products and Related Services
RFP No. 2018-121 - Insurance & Employee Benefits Consulting Services
RFP NO. 2018-202 - Workers Compensation Stop Loss Insurance
RFP No. 2021-039 - Property & Casualty Insurance    
RFP No. 2018-200 - Fully Insured Dental Plan
RFP No. 2020-057 - Medical and Dental Plan Administration and Related Services with Preferred Provider Network
RFP No. 2020-058 - Pharmacy Benefits Management Services
RFP No. 2020-174 - Specific and Aggregate Medical and Pharmacy Claims Stop Loss Insurance
 RFP No. 2021-003 - Student Accident Insurance and Student Accident Voluntary Insurance Re-Bid
RFQ NO. 2020-219 - District Annual Audit Services
RFQ NO. 2018 - 175 - Financial Advisor Services
RFQ No. 2018-176 - Bond Counsel Services
RFQ No. 2020-030 - Licensed Real Estate Broker Services
RFQ No. 2018-074 - Collection of Delinquent Taxes
Bid No. 2018-019 –  Musical Instruments, Electronic Equipment, Accessories and Elementary Music Instructional Resources Catalog Bid 
Bid No. 2018-150 - Musical Instrument Repair Services 
Bid No. 2018-193 - Piano Tuning & Maintenance Repair
Career and Technology Materials, Supplies, Equipment
Bid No. 2017-112 – Career and Technology Materials, Supplies, Equipment and Related Services Catalog Bid
 Mathematics Curriculum
Contract No. 2020-063 - Sharon Wells Consulting Services and Materials
Contract No. 2020-060 - Agreement with Pearlized Mathematics Consulting, LLC
 Instructional Material/Training/Professional Development
Bid No. 2017-114 - Classroom Instructional Supplies, Furnishings, Equipment, Materials and Miscellaneous Items Catalog Bid   
Bid No. 2020-062- Instructional Materials, Equipment, and Supplies for Math, Science, and Special Education Catalog Bid
Bid No. 2017-086 Library Books, e-books, audiovisual Materials and Instructional Reading Materials Catalog Bid
RFP No 2017-082 – Professional Development Services
 RFP No 2018-157 - Professional Development, Site Licenses, Supplemental Material & Other Related Products and Services
RFP NO. 2020-200 - Advertising, Marketing, Media and Related Services RE-BID
Copier Paper and Paper Products
Bid No. 2020-029 - Copier Paper and Paper Products
RFP No 2017-019 – Imaging Services
Bid No. 2020-252 - Health / Medical Supplies and Equipment Catalog Bid   
Office Supplies, Furniture Equipment
RFP No 2017-014 – Office Supplies and Equipment Catalog
RFP No 2018-020 - School and Office Furniture and Installation Services Catalog
RFP No. 2018-049 - Restaurant, Food, Fundraising, Rental, Catering, Field Trips, and Related Products & Services
Web Design and Messaging Services 
RFP No. 2020-243 – Web Design and Messaging Service
 Website Hosting 
RFP No. 2017-083 – Website Hosting & Redesign Services
RFP No. 2018 - 023 - Sign Language Interpreter Services
RFP No. 2018-024 - Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services for Special Education
RFP No. 2018 - 025 - Legal Services for Special Education      
Bid No. 2018-054 Audio Visual Equipment, Electronics, Photography,TV, Supplies and Related Products Catalog Bid  
RFP No. 2018-159 - E-Rate 2019 Internet Services
RFP No. 2018-207 – One-to-One Initiative, Technology Equipment with Service and Leasing Options Phase I Students
RFP No. 2018-207 – One-to-One Initiative, Technology Equipment with Service and Leasing Options Phase II Teachers
RFP NO. 2020-031 - Telephone Carrier Services
RFP NO 2020-265 - Telephone Carrier Services-Rebid
Bid No. 2018-117 - Gasoline Products and Delivery Services
Bid No. 2017-072 – Automotive Repair Parts, Tires, and Related Services
RFP No. 2017-016 – Travel Agency Services
RFP No. 2018-116 – Charter Bus Services