Standards of Conduct

  • The District subscribes to the “Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators,” (Board Policy, DH-Exhibit) which establishes proper conduct for District staff members. Principle I, Professional Ethical Conduct, clearly applies to those individuals engaged in the purchasing process. This principle includes the following standards:
    • a.  The educator shall not intentionally misrepresent official policies of his school district or educational organization and shall clearly distinguish those views from his personal attitudes and opinions.
    • b.  The educator shall honestly account for all funds committed to his charge and shall conduct his financial business with integrity.
    • c.  The educator shall not use institutional or professional privileges for personal or partisan advantage.
    • d.  The educator shall accept no gratuities, gifts, or favors that impair or appear to impair professional judgment.
    • e.  The educator shall not offer any favor, services, or thing of value to obtain special advantage.
    • f.  The educator shall not falsify records, or direct, or coerce others to do so
  •  All District staff members are public servants and therefore subject to Title VIII of the Penal code, regarding offenses against public administration, including bribery and corrupt influence (Chapter 36), perjury and other falsification (Chapter 37), obstructing governmental operation (Chapter 38), and abuse of office (Chapter 39). All District staff members shall perform their duties in conformity with District policy, ethical standards for professional educators, and state and federal law.

Board Policies Regarding Employees Standards of Conduct





NIGP Code Of Ethics


Mcallen Independent School District is a member of NIGP, The Institute for Procurement, and as such, has adopted the

NIGP Code of Ethics to govern the conduct of every staff member in procurement or materials management