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A committee of teachers reviewed the dress code, streamlined the regulations and emerged with a code that is consistent throughout the district and easy to follow. The School Board approved it in June. Click here for Dress Code PamphletComplete Policy, Examples of Appropriate Dress (spanish), Examples of Inappropriate Dress

Teacher Workday for all teachers – 7:45 – 4:15
Elementary bell schedule: 7:50 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Middle School bell schedule: 8:00 a.m. to 4:05 p.m.
High Schoolbell schedule: 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.



The challenge of fortifying today’s students with 21st-century skills is daunting.

Today’s student must know how to create, to organize, to solve problems and work collaboratively. Students must know how to utilize rapidly-changing technologies and adapt it for practical use.

McAllen ISD has been ahead of the curve in remolding the educational environment in a way that captured national attention and is being emulated by districts across the state and country. We lead the way.

We are engineering a learning environment that fosters creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness by placing cutting-edge technology into students’ hands, coupled with student-centered, inquiry-based learning, and a team of educators to facilitate their growth – intellectually and physically.

Students can choose from a wide range of educational programs that offer high academic rigor and the rich, full-rounded experiences and 21st Century skill sets that universities and employers seek.

It is a culture of progressive thinking, balanced by sage classroom experience.




Hispanic 93.5 %
At-Risk 58.0 %
Economically Disadvantaged 72.9 %
English Language Learners 31.0 %

Source: 2015-16 Texas Academic Performance Report


Employees 3,445
Teachers 1,675
Campuses 33

Employee data is for 2015-16 school year. Source: McAllen ISD Human Resources



Student Attendance Information

Student Safe Return Program

Regarding Pest Control & Asbestos

Even Start program
McAllen school district’s Migrant Education Even Start program is for low-income migrant families with at least one child under age 7. Day care is provided for infants and toddlers up to age 4, while English as a Second Language and GED classes are made available for their parents. The Migrant Education Even Start program is housed at the Early Childhood Center at 2100 Fir.  Call 928-8970 for more information.

Evening Study Centers
The McAllen Independent School District, in collaboration with Region I Education Service Center’s Adult Education Program, is planning to offer evening classes for students and their parents.
Classes are offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8 p.m.  during the fall semester. The program offers homework and tutoring assistance to students in grades Pre-Kinder – 12th. For the parents of these students, instruction in Literacy/ESL/GED/employment is provided. Priority is given to parents with pre-school or school-aged children. Secondly, other adults with no school age children and residing in the McAllen school district will be accepted on a space-availability basis. Call 632-5192 for more information.

Inclement Weather Days
Closing of schools may occur when bad weather or emergency conditions exist. Please check the McAllen ISD website at Also, the following media outlets will be informed to broadcast this information.
KGBT 1530 AM
KGBT-TV Channel 4
KRGV-TV Channel 5
KVEO-TV Channel 23
KTLM-TV Channel 40
KNVO-TV Channel 48

The district has set aside two weather makeup days in case school is missed due to inclement weather. They are October 9, 2017 and March 30, 2018. Those dates are currently scheduled to be student holidays.

Instructional Technology and Library Services

Instructional Technology

McAllen ISD is proud to be a Future Ready School District.  You can learn more about Future Ready Schools here:


McAllen ISD’s Strategic Plan includes: STRATEGY 6: FUTURE-READY STUDENTS

We will foster principled students who learn, adapt, and innovate in response to their ever-changing environment.

6.1.   Create a student-led mentoring program on ALL campuses for every student.

6.2.   Implement a capstone community service component at each grade level that is focused on adaptive and innovative ideas that identify and resolve real world issues.

6.3.   Create teacher trainings to facilitate the use of innovative and adaptable technologies to teach future-ready students.

6.4.   Implement non-traditional, e.g., block-type scheduling to allow greater flexibility for students and teachers.


2017-2018 Device Letter –

Parent Digital Guide –


Library Services:

The mission of the M. I. S. D. libraries as an agency of both instruction and service is to encourage reading for pleasure and information, to support the curricular goals of our campuses, to teach appropriate research skills in an integrated context, and to aid other district libraries.

As the term “library” has a universal recognition defining a place set aside to house books and other print materials, technology, and audio visuals it will be used in this document instead of “resource center”, “library “, or other similar terms. “Librarian” will denote the person who manages the library and its services.  In our libraries our students have on-line access, current literature and makerspace sites to explore.

Through our libraries on-line presences, our patrons are able to access current relevant research materials, current and classic reading materials and primary sources.

Our research materials include Gale On-line Resources and Tex-Quest, (which includes Britannica, BrainPop, ProQuest.) These resources include Spanish language and other language translation.

Our current and classic reading materials includes Brainhive, Ebsco eBooks, Follett eBooks, MackinVia and Overdrive.  Also included in our resources is, which is an easy-to-use website that adds a multimedia dimension to the reading experiences of children’s and young adult books.

Our primary resources are through Adam Mathew’s American West and American Indian Histories & Cultures, Britannica, and Gale On-line Resources.

Following a rich tradition of community involvement, the mission of MISD Libraries is to empower students to become life-long learners and productive citizens in a dynamic, global society by providing quality learning experiences that develop the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes for continued success.