Focus Area 3: Wellness & Mental Health

McAllen Independent School District monitors the heartbeat of its community and is committed to maintain a healthy pulse within the areas of Wellness and Mental Health.  Every family that enrolls in our school district is given an opportunity to thrive under the guidance of school staff and community mental health partners. Increasing access to mental health services is not a stance our school district takes lightly.  We are actively pursuing new methods to ensure we are providing the best possible service within the areas of Wellness and Mental Health.  Through community partnerships, we have created a system that expedites mental health services in order to overcome whatever traumatic life events our families encounter. This page is dedicated to the constant struggle parents encounter when the stigma of mental health takes its toll on the family dynamic. It is our firm belief that we can overcome the stigma of a mental health diagnosis through awareness and training.  Through it all, understand that McAllen ISD’s model is simple but effective—all services need to meet the student at the school campus because that is where we can monitor a mentally healthy heartbeat.  


Autism Speaks


Autism Response Team


Supporting Families During COVID-19