The goal of Accounting Services is to assure that federal and state laws, local regulations and policies are followed in order to properly process all payments and transactions as required to maintain compliance with auditing standards.

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Our Responsibility

Accounting Services is responsible for:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Travel Reimbursements

  • General Ledger Maintenance

  • Cash Management

  • Grant Reimbursements

  • Financial Statements

  • State Sales Tax Report

  • PEIMS Financial Reporting

  • Miscellaneous 1099 Forms

  • Training

Accounts Payable and Travel Reimbursements Inquiries

Inquiries for accounts payable and travel reimbursements are assigned to specific department staff. Accounts payable items are assigned to a staff member alphabetically by vendor name. Travel reimbursements are assigned to staff alphabetically by the traveler’s last name. Please refer to the table below and direct all inquiries to the appropriate staff member.

Staff Member

Mary Lopez

Alma Pena

Alejandra Marmolejo

Libby Anderson

Rosalba Gandaria

Belda "Lorena" Uribe

Elizabeth Barrera

Sandra Pulido


(956) 618-6034

(956) 618-6033

(956) 618-6037

(956) 632-5404

(956) 618-6036

(956) 632-8403

(956) 632-5186

(956) 618-6035


0-9, A-K except Amazon, Cintas, Dominos & Gateway (Invoices)

L-Z (Invoices)

Amazon, Cintas, Dominos & Gateway (Invoices)

Travel (McHi Athletics Vertical Team and Last Names A-F)

Travel (Memorial Athletics Vertical Team and Last Names G-O)

Travel ( Rowe Athletics Vertical Team and Last Names P-Z)

General Ledger

General Ledger