Campus Eye

Campus Eye logo

On our Bullying Webpage for Campus Eye can you add the following: 

McAllen ISD invites you to join our new district-wide reporting app, Campus Eye. It provides a direct line of communication to our district for reporting bullying and other safety-related issues. With Campus Eye, you can either use your smart device or go online to instantly send reports to school administrators. You also have the option of reporting anonymously, if desired. All reports will help district take immediate action and handle issues as they arise. We invite you to download (search “Campus Eye” in the App Store or Google Play) the app and sign up using the special 4-digit code: 7B82. We believe Campus Eye is an effective way to help keep your child safe and secure. 

Call me when you get this is email because I want to link the Campus Eye Logo to the link below in order to make a report.