Emotional Intelligence Lessons

Emotional Intelligence Lessons for Teachers

FREE Self-regulation activities for PK-12th grade.
A variety of easily accessible, free, open educational resources (OER) and curricula. Pure Power Curriculum is available to any non-profit entity that strives to improve the lives of educators and learners by teaching strategies to achieve 
success through focus. 

EMOTIONAL ABC: FREE teacher-led, research-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum that provides teachers with sequential workshops, support materials, and a flexible structure for classroom instruction.

EverFi Teacher Center: FREE K-12th grade lessons on Social Emotional Learning, Early Learning, Financial Education, Health and Wellness, and College/Career Readiness.

PANORAMA PLAYBOOK: FREE Strategy playbooks on the following topics:

Adult SEL: https://playbook.panoramaed.com/topics/102

Breathe for change: https://playbook.panoramaed.com/topics/67

Emotional Regulation: https://playbook.panoramaed.com/topics/62

Self Management: https://playbook.panoramaed.com/topics/8

Social Awareness: https://playbook.panoramaed.com/topics/9

Student - Teacher Relationship: https://playbook.panoramaed.com/topics/5

FREE PK-6th grade Curriculum.
The Sanford Harmony Online Learning Portal provides PreK-6th grade teachers with everything they need to successfully integrate Harmony's’ social-emotional learning program into the classroom, including training, lessons, activities, videos, stories, games, and songs.  

FREE Teacher Development.
The Sanford Inspire Online Learning Portal provides free, on-demand professional development modules and resources to help teachers improve their practice and encourage Pre-K through 12th grade students to become enthusiastic, engaged learners. 

STANFORD National: 
FREE Staff Development.
The Sanford College of Education’s professional development website will guide you as an educator in understanding and providing Social Emotional Learning. You will see SEL in action and get practical suggestions for immediate implementation.

FREE 30-day preview of a brand new approach for teaching SEL. It equips PreK-5 teachers to supercharge the development of social and emotional skills in their students, starting with just 5 minutes a day. 

The Equitable Learning Library:
FREE Resource that helps educators, parents, and policymakers find resources and recommendations for creating more equitable and empowering learning environments. 

FREE tool that helps educators understand the student experience so they can create an equitable and excellent learning environment—an environment that supports all students to meaningfully engage in their own learning and growth. Copilot-Elevate helps teachers get rapid feedback from their students about how they are experiencing key classroom learning conditions, and it couples that feedback with adaptive strategies for improving those conditions. 

FREE Social Emotional Lessons during the COVID-19 period.

COVID-19 Response: Find new on-demand, teacher-led lesson videos and free resources for educators, students, and families