Records Management

The McAllen ISD Instructional Materials & Student Records Warehouse serves as the records retention center for MISD Departments.

District records are stored in accordance with the applicable minimum retention schedules adopted by the State Library and Archives Commission.   Items not listed on the schedule should be removed and stored locally or permanently destroyed.

MISD Adopted Retention Schedules       

  • Local Schedule GR--Records Common to all Governments

  • Local Schedule EL--Records of Elections and Voter Registration

  • Local Schedule TX—Records of Property Taxation

  • Local Schedule SD--Records for Public School Districts

Storage of Campus/Department Records

Only items which are listed on the retention schedule should be sent for storage.  Care should be taken to eliminate retention of duplicate copies of items.

  • Complete Records Storage Request

  • Prep documents. Remove binders, heavy-duty folders, fasteners, etc.

  • Secure in approved storage boxes (Standard size:  10x12x15)

  • Submit the work order for Central Warehouse KACE Log-in and attach request.

  • Storage Requirements

Imaging of Records

Departments interested in having their records digitized for permanent storage should obtain at least 3 quotes from multiple sources vendors, such as:

  • Creative Imaging - Edinburg, TX: (956) 316-0500

  • Lone Star Shredding- Mercedes, TX:  (956)  564-1045

  • Record Consultants, Inc. - San Antonio, TX:  (877)  363-4127

Destruction of Records

Expired records may be destroyed at the McAllen City Recycling Center.
The facility has the appropriate shredding/recycling equipment to destroy high volumes of expired records.

If you need help moving the boxes to the recycling center, please submit a work order to Central Warehouse KACE Log-in. Note that Central Warehouse staff cannot remain at the location, therefore it is necessary that a member of your staff be present to ensure that all records destroyed.

McAllen City Recycling Center
4101 N Bentsen Rd, McAllen, TX 78504
(956) 681-4050

Storage of Student Perm Folders

The Student Records Departments stores and processes official Academic Achievement Records for former McAllen ISD students. 

  • Student Records are stored at the home campus for 5 years after student withdrawals or graduates

  • Elementary and Middle School Records are sent for destruction and disposal after the 5 years

  • High School Transcripts are sent to Central Warehouse for permanent storage after the 5 years

Under the Texas Library and Archives Commission (TSLC) Local Schedule SD guidelines, the retention period for cumulative records of achievement in grades PreK – 8th is (5) years after the date of withdrawal.  To ensure that McAllen ISD aligns with TSLC guidelines, records that have reached their retention period are permanently destroyed.

3200-01 Academic Records:

  1. The academic achievement record (TEA form AAR-001) or its former equivalent used to record academic achievement in grades 9-12. RETENTION: PERMANENT

  2. Cumulative record of achievement in grades PreK through 8 RETENTION: DATE OF WITHDRAWAL + 5 YEARS