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Welcome to McAllen ISD's Public Information Request (PIA) Online Portal!

This service will allow the community access to public information while allowing McAllen ISD the ability to meet and exceed all state Open Records compliance rules. With our online portal, individuals go to one central location on the district's website to submit an Open Records request. Requesters will have the ability to log into the portal to track the status of requests, communicate with the district, and receive requested documents.

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Effective immediately, pursuant to Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, McAllen ISD will charge for certain Public Information Requests. Under Section 552.262 of the Texas Government Code, the attorney general has adopted rules specifying how a governmental body is to determine allowable costs for a charge, deposit, or bond associated with making public information available. These rules are found in the Texas Administrative Code section 70.3 entitled Charges for Providing Copies of Public Information.
Tex. Gov’t Code § 552.261(a); 1 Tex. Admin. Code § 70.3.

Further, any and all physical correspondence to McAllen ISD will require a return address.

As stated in the Texas Attorney General's Public Information website, we are not required to answer questions.  In order to obtain the most accurate information regarding your request, your request needs to be for information already in existence. Please see examples below:

INCORRECT REQUEST: What are the number of maintenance trucks used by McAllen ISD?
CORRECT REQUEST: Please provide any and all documents pertaining to maintenance trucks used by McAllen ISD during the current school year.

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*Effective September 01, 2023, as per House Bill 3033, McAllen ISD has designated the following dates as nonbusiness days. This now limits nonbusiness day exclusions to weekend days, national and state holidays, and the Friday or Monday after a holiday which falls on a weekend.



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